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"Bittersweet Emotion, is a reflection on the idea of keeping our memories present. An introspection into Gemma's memory, analyzing the different stages she went through with her twin sister and the great example of overcoming her loss. Twisted, tight and rolled up, they convey the feeling of not wanting to break away from that union. Circular shapes and patterns with circumferences, the image that my mind generates when I hear the word twins: a circle dividing, deforming and differentiating itself. They start from the same appearance, but each one ends up achieving its unique and personal aspect. Hand-embroidered with great sensitivity, which reminds me of the beautiful idea of taking care of these memories."

Martina Biel

published on vein magazine
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photo and direction @cotenazar
pieces designed and made by @martina_biel
makeup and hair by @bertajimenezx
styling assistant @guillemmarti
photo assistant @forerosh 
models @martapastalle and @yuliana.zhecheva
agencies @fifthmodels